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Oct 2 2012, 03:55 PM
Oct 2 2012, 03:46 PM
I don't understand how you know that it is lazy. That "spoiler" couldn't get much more vague. Not knowing any of the circumstances surrounding it or what happens beforehand, it seems to me like majorly jumping the gun in grading the storyline one way or another :shrug:
Having the wife/soulmate walk in on their soulmate in the arms/compromising position is kindergarden soap opera. It's what you do to start a story with a new obstacle. Kristen is not new. She's a villain, and there's history to build on.

I would expect them to do it at some point, absolutely. But a month after she arrives in town? They did it with Bo and Billie, and it sucked balls then... Billie was also not a villain when she left the first time. I wanted Kristen to return with a bang. Like kidnapping Marlena and THEN revealing it's her. I've had my share of triangles for J&M, and they're beyond it. So far beyond, they can't even see land. They haven't been back and forth, in and out of love like other couples, it's been them for like 15 years. Do something daring, do something that shakes it up.

But hey, if they surprise me, I will absolutely give them credit and props. I'm just done getting my hope up, because I have the last 20 times Corday's proclaimed something or other about "John and Marlena's new story!" in SOD.
While on paper this sounds good...in reality it would lead to Kristen being gone pretty quickly from the canvas. They need to instill some longevity with her return and I would MUCH rather see her come back conning everybody, while secretly and BTS planning Jarlena's demise...there are mor angles to play that way.

Would Marlena ever really believe Kristen has changed? Most likely not, but if she could befriend Stefano after the Possession storyline and believe he was changed, then she certainly can believe Kristen.
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