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Oct 2 2012, 04:04 PM
Oct 2 2012, 03:59 PM
this is hilarious that people are freaking out over one spoiler. as an avid deidre hall fan, I for one am ecstatic that kristen/eileen's return is going to give her story-line because she would continue to be used like she is right now, once in a blue moon. the story-line hasn't even started yet and people are being judgmental and negative. I wonder about the loyalty of some dool fans. nothing is ever good enough.
When you've heard "John and Marlena's romantic new story", "John and Marlena's brand new story", "John and Marlena's AMAZING new story" and variations of the kind for 15 years, and nothing has ever come of it - yeah, you get a little less enthusiastic every time.

Seriously, do I hope it's awesome? HELL YEAH! I'm just not getting my hopes up, because J&M are my couple, and you love your soap couple in a strange way, and you get protective. I'm downplaying any inkling of hope, so that I don't get burned. Again.

(I assure you, otherwise in life, with actual life things, I'm very optimistic and hopeful ;)!)
I understand this totally and you only have to look at what TomSell has done to Payla, J&J, Caustin and soon Bope, to know how they respect DAYS' storied couples....that being said...I really think end game for sure is going to be Jarlena.

Kristen was always by far the best villain interloper of any DAYS supercouples, so I really think even if this is half-way good, we can still enjoy it, especially compared to what is on screen now.
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