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Oct 2 2012, 04:57 PM
Looking at Jen-Jen's over the top tirade at Nicole. She really does come across as having a whole toolbox of screws loose. Because while Nicole is certainly a schemer and one of the town "bad girls," she's nowhere near the devil incarnate that Jennifer's making her out to be. The way Bitchifer rants and raves, she seems to think Nicole's hoo-hah exerts some powerful voodoo that turns "saintly" men like Daniel to the Dark Side of the Force. It's as if she needs to demonize Nicole by turning her into some kind of witch or monster in her mind, to justify her own actions and behavior. And to excuse Dr. Douche, so she doesn't have to face that he's not some paragon of virtue and morality, that he makes his own choices, right or wrong. St. Jen-Jen just wants to tear somebody down, and Nicole makes a handy scapegoat.

Wonder if Bitchifer will ever see or acknowledge the ugliness of her own motives. Probably not, given who's writing this crap. At this point, the kindest thing the show could do is send the character offscreen for a long rest. She's so badly compromised at this point, I don't know if she's salvageable.
IA Jennifer seems almost obessed with nicole right now its not as if she drugged daniel to force him to do this or anything geeze
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