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The opening scenes of Sami all curled up contently on Ej with her 'aw shucks' grin while ready to accept his kiss was so weird coming off yesterday's scenes of her despair. The writing is so unclear of Sami's true intentions that it's no wonder viewers are abandoning this character as not having any worth on the show. Yesterday Sami was clearly being manipulated by Ej and today she came off being coy with him. The writers continue to make her unrootable in any relationship.

Jen and Daniel tore into each other big time. It's about time they had it out - I thought the anger and frustration played out well.

Nicole is soooo good at manipulation! She really holds her cool and just keeps going for the jugular. Jen thinks she's not a powder puff, but Nicole is queen.

Interesting viewpoint Ej hands down to his baby brother. Take notes Chad - this is the way of Dimera. These brother scenes are a nice new dimension, but damn I still miss Stefano and his flair for appraising situations and taking action.

Time to let Nicole's warnings about Sami really sink in Rafe. I felt bad that Rafe went back when Sami obviously meant none of the proclamations she so fervently expressed to him the day before. Trust her? It's the same day! While Sami is 'figuring things out' I say, Run, Rafe, Run!
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