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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Nelson Branco......


Nancy B. is MAD @ EB for calling him "MEAN" on twitter....
He's Saying shit like he "Loves EB" then in the same breath goes "Fuck You Eric"
Speaks about EB headbutting PB drawing blood from him.
Call's EB a "Relic"

LMFAO :laugh: I'm typing as I'm listening so forgive me if screw up Dammit...But Y'all gotta listen.

Nancy is taking up for MM speaking on the "Victor's Dead s/l"
He can make millions if releasing the TRUTH'S about EB selling to "People Magazine" if he really wanted to ruin him.

Nancy say's they need to get "EB off Twitter" Whoever got him on needs to "bitch-slap"
He's really upset that EB called him "MEAN"<~O''Shit :lol:

Spoilerish stuff about Precious P. Trial ends quickly
Spoilerish stuff about rebuild of Sharon Case character.
Giving major Kudos/Props to Josh Griffith
He's worried about J.Farren
As long as sony is charge Victoria Rowell will not be back.

I Recommend listening for yourselves it's HIGHLY ENTERTAINING! Nancy B. is upset. and bitching his ass off. :laugh:
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