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itsjustdouglas: Thanks to @nelliebranco for ranting your heart out on all things soap related…until next time…oh I need to install a "BLEEP" for kids. LOL
nelliebranco: @itsjustdouglas I've sworn more on your show before so don't get this.
itsjustdouglas:@nelliebranco lord the haters have surfaced tonight…your EB/MTS comments are making headways all over the place. I'm just a host. :)

kimblepie: @OnAirWithDoug @nelliebranco Sorry just tuned in &all I hear is total bashing of @EBraeden & every other word nasty&cussing.No thanks!!
nelliebranco: @kimblepie @OnAirWithDoug @EBraeden He's being doing all the bashing.

nelliebranco: I can think of one million other things to do with my precious time than appear on a fan's podcast.

itsjustdouglas: Love him, hate him or ignore him @nelliebranco knows his stuff about the genre you all love. He is a friend, a guest and he gets the floor.
nelliebranco: @itsjustdouglas Meanwhile, the entire cast of #YR will blow me for what I said.

nelliebranco: Don't worry: U will read all my thoughts about Eric Braeden in tomorrow's @SoapUncensored.
sourcewilliam: @nelliebranco omg did Braden headbutt someone? How do I not know this story.
nelliebranco: @sourcewilliam Peter Bergman! The police were called!

nelliebranco: Thank you to the #YR cast and crew... You know why.

nelliebranco: The fact that people defend a man who headbunted his sweet, earnest co-star causing his two teeth to pop out in a sea of blood says it all.
ColfersAngel: @nelliebranco shouldn't ppl be given a second chance tho?
nelliebranco: @ColfersAngel Yeah. But why am I the villian for providing facts?

itsjustdouglas: @nelliebranco PEOPLE SENT OUR SHOW TO HIM, I wanted to apologize to him for the upcoming backlash if he heard it. Damn.
nelliebranco:@itsjustdouglas I regret doing your show and every actor should be forewarned.
itsjustdouglas: Why? Cause I was trying to put out fires? RT @nelliebranco: @itsjustdouglas I regret doing your show and every actor should be forewarned.
nelliebranco: @itsjustdouglas You are pathetic.

nelliebranco: RT @SpinsVixenella: @itsjustdouglas Who cares if someone sent your show to Braeden! I'm sure @nelliebranco will take full responsibility 4 what he said

nelliebranco: I have never in my life requested an interview with someone and denounced the encounter. Everyone has a right to air their story.

nelliebranco: Thanks to u all.

nelliebranco: Say what you want about me but I have NEVER physically assaulted anyone in my life. Ever.
enriquevbjr: @nelliebranco Looks like he deleted the interview...
nelliebranco: @enriquevbjr Good!!!

nelliebranco: RT @SpinsVixenella: @enriquevbjr @screwthechew If Doug wants a family-friendly show, he needs to invite the Girls Scouts, not @nelliebranco. Simple as that

nelliebranco: Thanks... Genoa City peeps... Means a lot.

nelliebranco: I'm so scared of Eric Braeden. Not. Just like Sony and CBS.
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