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Oct 3 2012, 07:33 AM
It makes me sick that they have abby propping jennifer and daniel. She should still be tore up over her dads death. He died saving her. The thought of her mom moving on so quickly should disgust her as much as the audience
I hope it does not take tragedy for Will to realize how much his dad means to him. I think it affected him seeing his dad cry, although he didn't act like it did. I think if Sami did want to reunite with Lucas, Will would have choice words for both, especially his mom. I think in some ways, he is fed up with her fickle ways and just dosen't care anymore. He did warn EJ , like he warned his dad about getting hurt, but neither heeded his warning. I felt bad for Abby to lose her dad also, but feels she needs to respect her mom more also. Yeah the cousins were once the apple in their dad's eyes. Sad their relationships were tarnished, at least Will can heal the rift with his poppa.
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