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I actually enjoyed toDAYS...The Daniel and Jenn fight, though I didn't like a lot of what was said was rather enjoyable. And of course...Nicole. I really hope that they are gearing this toward an epic Jennifer meltdown where she completely loses her mind because to me, that is how it is coming off. (And she'd have to be crazy to love the Tan one, especially over Jack!)

Nicole never ever disappoints. I want more Jenny-bashing, please!! lol While I know people are pissed about Nikki losing her baby or whatever, i have to say since I was not thrilled about her bein gpregnant anyway...if her plan to frame Jennifer sticks for more than a day and Jennifer goe smental...I will be a very happy lady.

Caroline is also interesting me, but as others have said I would like to see more symptoms...Disorientation, maybe wandering off for a day or more...Almost burning down the pub accidentally or something other than her just screwing up names. I would have liked her to look at Maggie yesterday when she hugged her and just said "Who the Hell are YOU?" or something.

Everything else in this episode pfffffft.....

I want to enjoy Chad being DiMera-ized and actually kind of liked EJ's scenes with him but again...Casey is SOOO fucking terrible. I'm glad we won't have Frankenleno around as Cam but I think a Chad recast is inifitely more needed than a Cameron recast.
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Tuesday, October 2nd Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion