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This is the same Mariah that refused to let Christina Aguilera be apart of the 2000 divas live because Christina was the newcomer who had people saying she was a better singer than Mariah at the time,so vh1 put Christina on another concert.

Just because you have talent does not justify someone being all "I am better than you",there are plenty of talented singers who do not have a "I am better than everyone" attitude.I used to love Mariah,but well I won't sugarcoat it,she is a bitch,she was an amazing singer back in the day,but these days she is not as ALL THAT as she thinks she is.I am not really a Minaj fan either,but I can believe Mariah would set her off,so I am team Minaj on this one,far as all judges go,Urban is the only majorly talented and clearly mature one.This is American idol,focus should be on contestants,if I wanted to watch a bunch of babies I would watch "honey boo boo".
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