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Oct 3 2012, 11:24 AM
I'm a diehard Marlena fan (it might have something to do with the name since that's the way my name is pronounced) and have enjoyed her pairings since Don Craig. I have to admit that each time I read the day ahead, the first thing I do is search for "Marlena". On days she appears, I tend to read the whole write up. If she's not there, I tend to get bored reading and stop halfway through. -- Note-- This should not be interpreted as a reflection on the write ups themselves.

I'm tired of hoping for a 2 second scene with Will, Sami, or even Brady. I'm looking forward to Kristen's return if for no other reason than getting to see my fav on the screen again. Also, I believe a spoiler for Thursday (tomorrow) said J&M take their relationship to a new level, or something like that, which is just in time for Kristen's return.
ya, I'm not hoping for anymore 2 seond scenes with the same people that have all the stories. I am hoping this return of Kristen opens up a real story for John and Marlena....although I am a realist and understand my hope is as real as the story is going to be.
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