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Oct 3 2012, 05:45 AM
Oct 2 2012, 05:46 PM
I love Will, but not when he's propping Rafe.
I love Abby, but it's horrific that she would be used to prop Daniel.


I am not happy. But I will watch for Nick.

But if Nick ends up propping Rafe or Daniel, I'll vomit.

But, and I would like to point out that Nick doesn't prop Gabi. He brings out good things in the character and actor, and there's been no monologue-ing about how AWESOME she is.
Just to expand my earlier point, I do not understand how professional television writers don't understand that propping doesn't work. No matter how popular Will and Abby are - and they are both well-liked characters, even if Will drives some crazy - the audience is not going to buy them breaking character and suddenly propping another character. Yes, Will has always liked Rafe for unclear reasons beyond he's always been used to prop him, but after the couch sex debacle Will was powerfully clear on the point that his mother had destroyed that marriage. It makes no narrative sense whatsoever that Will, who as a child always wanted his parents together, would suddenly change gears and want a Safe reunion after just seeing his mother break his Dad's heart. It's not Will saying those things, it's bad writers.

Abby loved and was devoted to her Dad. She's devastated by his death. Abby becoming a champion of Dannifer is not Abby talking, it's bad writers. Utterly horrifying that the writers would use her character this way.

Meanwhile, Gabi is starting to be actually likable, not because everyone in town is talking about how wonderful she is, but the opposite. And she's developing a relationship with Nick - not even a romantic one yet - based on the shared idea of having done wrong and being the town pariah. It works because BB is a great, charismatic actor and the storyline supports those two bonding. Thus, suddenly people who have loathed Gabi - including myself - are suddenly turning around and enjoying her scenes. Good actors, interesting story arcs and relationships that make sense is what makes people like characters, not non-sensical propping. It's screenwriting 101.

The only thing Abby singing Daniel's praises make me do is repeat the catchphrase "The wrong Deveraux died" over and over.
See I can't seem to get past the fact that Gabi is not and never will or has been the town pariah. The only people that know what she did is Nick (who one would think would be a bit torn about it since Melanie helped get him out and she did hurt Melanie). But that's not the point, the only people who know what she did is Rafe (trying to protect her, Justin her lawyer) and Chad/EJ which now aren't going to say anything. So she will never pay for her crimes two people are dead for what she started and she walks away the winner with a smug face. Telling Chad if he had told her there was no future for them none of that would have happened, bitch he had a live in girl friend (duh is anyone in there McFly). Although have to say she's a Hernandez and Tomlin show his favortism to anything Rafe related. Doubt Abby will ever find out that Gabi is the reason her father is dead, but she'll sure tear Chad a new one for beating up Nick. :shame: Sounds a bit backward to me.
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