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Sammie Jo
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Sep 28 2012, 01:09 PM
Can anyone please explain to me like I'm Nick, what exactly Sharon has done that is illegal? Wasn't Avery watching her like a hawk watches prey? She burned the pre-nup, so what? If it were a legal document it would have been filed, it wasn't. She gave away Abby's horse but wasn't arrested for that so it was legal, right? She didn't ID the corpse properly, can you get arrested for being wrong? She didn't marry Tucker so she didn't commit bigotry. Avery confirmed her legal right to take over NE, so did a judge. What is she arrested for?

I haven't been watching so did I miss something? :shrug:

It's not like she ran over 2 people and left them to die in the street....
she wasn't arrested for horse thieving because no one pressed charges against her, and I can't believe Abby missed that chance.
A legal document is a legal document, filed or not, people write wills all the time and don't file them, as long as they're notarized they're a legal document.
Purposely misidentifying a corpse and burning it up, is wrong, and I would bet illegal.
She declared Victor dead, the coroner wanted to run some tests to make sure, but she refused and gave the bbq order.
She may not have committed bigamy, but that was only because Victor interrupted, the intent was there.
Fraud and conspiracy charges are in there too.
You have to start watching, it's looks like it's going to get good once they clean up all of MAB's crap. lol
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