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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I have never watched a baby s/l that was not about the parents and most certainly have never watched where the said baby dies so some other douche (not the father) gets more story out of his death and what's even more wtf is that neither is the story about the mother losing her baby. i hope The baby is alive somehow and is reunited with both his parents, that's the story I am interested in.

My confidence levels in these writers is so low right now. I am just so sick of watching EJ/Nicole lose at everything. Although EJ losing Sami and Nicole losing Daniel is the greatest reward. Strange how TomSell is having EJole mirror one another in separate s/ls. This baby should have brought the back together, at the very least they should be sharing scene more and more.
I know it seems like no one is supposed to have any sympathy at all for Nicole. We're supposed to hate her because she's manipulating and lying. Well I have nothing but sympathy for her. I cannot help it. I watched her lose her first baby to a miscarriage, she was completely devastated and destroyed. She wanted that baby so much, more than she ever admitted to herself. And now she finally gets pregnant again, something she accepted would never happen, only to have that baby so cruelly taken from her again. It was only weeks away from being born, she was so close to holding her baby in her arms. But we have her scheming, and people screaming at her and calling her a bitch and making all sorts of threats to her. Other people telling her that she's destroying poor Dr. Perv's life. And she appears to have no one completely on her side, even Brady is sort of on Jennifer's side. Everyone seems to think Nicole is the parasite and life ruiner. She is clearly supposed to be the hated, evil villain. But I'm sorry, I cannot hate someone who has suffered so much. I cannot help but feel for her. That is where this story is huge fail, if Tomlin wants us to hate Nicole he is failing big time. Again, I can't say this enough, I'm looking at you Tomlin, Whitesell, Corday, & the rest of tptb at Days: Posted Image
This is the problem. If you take it at face value, Nicole's supposed to be the bad guy, setting up poor grief-stricken Jennifer. But no-one's buying it. Everyone hates Bitchifer and is rooting for Nicole. If TomSell's intention is to make Nicole an object of sympathy and have Jen universally derided then they have done a great job, but if that isn't their intention then they have fucked up the basics of storytelling - to make the heroine likeable.
I'm not remotely convinced that Nicole is supposed to be unsympathetic in all of this. If that were the case, they wouldn't have her losing her baby. They'd have her setting up Jen in some other way to keep her away from Dan and then forcing Dan to marry her for the sake of the baby. That would be unsympathetic.

Having Nicole go off the deep end after losing her baby means that she is supposed to be sympathetic even if we ultimately disagree with her actions. We are still supposed to understand and sympathize with her. And, judging by the comments, I think the vast majority of us do. I don't think that's by accident.
I agree they are giving the audience reason to sympathize with Nicole's reasons for going to such extremes - but I also think they've made sure to set in place that Nicole is scheming against poor, grieving Jennifer prior to the loss of the baby and that poor, grieving Jennifer would never have these uncharacteristic outbursts of anger if Nicole wasn't intentionally manipulating her to do so. As a result, in the end it sounds to me like they want the audience to feel that what happens is really a result of Nicole's actions and essentially she has it coming - and that Jennifer is a completely blameless heroine who is being victimized by the crazy lady.

Ultimately - I'd have preferred they not paint either character in such defining roles but allow the audience to empathize with both. It's times like this (among many) that I really hate they film so far ahead - because I'd love to have seen them set up the story so that neither woman is at fault or manipulating/hurting the other and then decide on the outcome based on the chemistry of the actors and the reaction/support from the audience. It's such a shame that there is absolutely no room anymore for the audience to dictate a story direction.
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