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Nicole! "I just hope she doesn't start talking to walls like her mother!" hahahahahahahahahaha Honestly, Nikki, dear, I hope she DOES JUST THAT! That is the only way I think Jennifer will ever be Jennifer Rose instead of Jennifer Whoreton again!!! More sticking t to the bitch, please!!!

Chad is intolerably awful. I kind of like his s/l currently but the acting is so unbearably bad.

Rafe/SlamPig/EJ *eyeroll* Whatever.

Will pimping Safe and Abby pimping Dannifer makes me want to throw things. CM &KM deserve so much better than this.

I liked Brady today,though I agree that his leaning was a hair too far on the Jenn side....But I think that's because he knows Nicole better than anyone. I took it as he knows Nikki's all up in Dr. Perv's shit and Taniel is not that into her. I think he was partly protecting Nicole here. That's how I choose to see it so therefore that's how it is lol I liked his warning to Taniel that Nicole doesn't like coming in second. I hope Nicole eventually crucifies both Jennifer AND Dr. Pervypants. If I need to see Nicole suffer the loss of another child then I most definitely want some serious havoc to be wreaked in the aftermath!!!!! Can't think of two assholes who deserve it more either!

I'm loving Caroline lol I shouldn't find it funny, but some of her expressions today had me rolling.

Billie...Really? How much more useless can Lipsy be????

It is shameful the crap they are giving to Beauregard. Honestly...such bullshit. And boring bullshit at that.

Can't wait for Stefano to come back. This epi only held half my interest. Can't wait for Kristen.

WHERE THE HELL ARE KATE & LUCAS?! (And Sonny?!?!?!) I feel like I haven't seen them in eons.

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