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camera shy

Oct 4 2012, 10:12 AM
I wish the writers were killing Nicole's baby for storyline reasons or even to give her sympathy, but really, I think they are just undoing everything in MarDar's era except Will's coming out and Lexie's death - and they are only NOT undoing those because they can't. What we are seeing is a reboot, they just aren't calling it that.

Honestly, not all of MarDar's plots were bad. The pacing was very weird and off, but I wouldn't have minded Ian sticking around. Considering all the chances Daniel has gotten, Madison/SJB got a totally raw deal. And Nicole's miracle baby was a lovely plotline that could have given her years of storyline.

But they are undoing it because they are determined to ignore anything that might have been working under MarDar to give us Dannifer and Safe.
But didn't MarDar give us Maggie being Daniel's mother? They don't seem to be in any hurry to change that. And I can't stand to hear Daniel call Maggie 'Mom' or refer to her as him mother since we were told he had a very loving mother who he was close to. Just out of habit he should be calling Maggie, Maggie.
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