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Grandpa Hughes
Aug 21 2012, 05:18 PM
I would LOVE to see my Anna come back!
I so wish Anna had stayed after her return in 2010. It would've been great to have her around after Carrie returned. And, I still say she would be a great spoiler for Adrienne and Justin. Anjelica part two!

What does everyone think so far of Tomsell's work? I know this is an unpopular opinion on this board but I am loving it. Apart from Daniel and Rafe I am enjoying watching every other character on the show. I love that they have pitted Jennifer and Nicole against each other. I wish Jack was the 3rd wheel in this instead of Daniel but :shrug:

I am liking Gabi and Nick. I really wish they would bring back Chelsea (played by Rachel Melvin of course). I loved Nick and Chelsea and think Gabi/Nick/Chelsea could be a great triangle. But with Billie and Bo leaving I doubt that will happen.

The other thing I will give Tomsell is they are writing Salem as a community. You feel Salem is a real town with the character interactions going on. Maggie/Caroline Caroline/Nick Sami/Kate vs Adrienne Lucas/Adrienne. It's just so real and natural. And they are actually writing for Caroline. She's not just a babysitter anymore LOL
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