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Dear Soap God,

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I neglected my worship by not watching daytime dramas for a decade, and in that time, I was lost and confused. Now, I am remorseful.

I came back to the Church of Salem when my beloved John and Marlena came back for the 2011 re-boot.

I thank you for bringing back the divine goddess Eileen Davidson to mess with John and Marlena. You know in Your infinite wisdom that my couple was getting boring as balls and needed a shakeup.

If I could make one request - please do not let your Chosen Apostles Chris Whitesell and Gary Tomlin fuck this up. I have been impressed by their writing thus far. They have done a splendid job with the return of Nick Fallon. Somehow, though, like the good Catholic and soapworshipper that I am, I am afraid that my relatives will die, a plague will be bestowed on the world, and Tomsell will eff this up big time.

As sacrifice, I offer up Nicole Walker and EJ DiMera's baby. Actually, I'll give you a four-for-one deal - you take Danny Walker Hernandez, his mother Nicole Walker, Dr. Dan the Tan Man and Jennifer Rose Horton off Salem's canvas if my beloved John and Marlena get an emotional, complex storyline (and not in the "Alex North" kind of way.)

Yours in faith,
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