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Viewing Single Post From: Glamour Magazine: Nadia's first week on set

Oct 4 2012, 10:57 AM
Oct 4 2012, 10:54 AM
I cannot believe they are wasting Nadia/Chloe on a Danloe redux. Tomlin is a fucking idiot. Jennifer, Chloe and Nicole have all been sacrificed for that bastard doctor. When will Tomlin understand that no matter who he puts Daniel with, fans will still hate him.

Yes, but wouldn't it be hilarious if Bitchifer walked in on Dr. Perfection banging Chloe on his desk? :P Then again with Tomlin writing, Ms. Whoreton would probably apologize to Orange Dick and stand outside the door and wait her turn.
Jen-Jen seems to have this sick need for Dr. Wipeout to be infallible, perfect, and saintly. She can't handle admitting that he's flawed, so his failed romances are always the woman's fault in her mind. It would serve her right if Daniel cheated on her with Chloe--maybe it would drive her straight into Bayview with that long-overdue breakdown. Of course, I would then want Chloe to dump Daniel after realizing their shagging session was the last gasp of an old relationship and not the beginning of a new one. She can then slowly rebuild something with Brady, while Daniel leaves town, humiliated and alone.
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