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Oct 4 2012, 11:40 AM
Oct 4 2012, 11:15 AM
Oct 4 2012, 11:08 AM
Well it fits, EJ has something for women Lucas slept with or is related to, Kate, Nicole, Sami, yeah chloe is next, lol.
lol I was thinking the exact same thing. I laugh when I see people go nuts over a potential EJ/Chloe pairing when to me it simply follows the pattern of EJ wanting all of Lucas' women, lol. Yup even Kate, haha. He just has a thing for his leftovers I guess, what a stud right? :sarcasm:
EJ never wanted Carrie...but then, Carrie never wanted Lucas much, either so maybe that shouldn't count. But then...Chloe really didn't want him, either.

The fact is...there aren't enough women on this show to go around. You can make an arguement that pretty much all the men have passed around one another's left overs. Even Quinn got in the mix - banging around with both Chloe and Taylor in his short time on the canvas. Madison is probably the only one that was ever just Brady's...since we never had to endure a Madison/Ian love scene.
Yes but other than Carrie, My point was simply that EJ has in fact been in love with/slept with/or obsessed over only women with a connection to Lucas. Either his mother or his exes, lol. In the past 6 years they had opportunities to put EJ with others like Belle, Arianna, Melanie, Madison, etc. none of whom had anything to do with Lucas and then my point would be invalid. Heck even Taylor used to be friends with Lucas and had a crush on both him and Eric back in the day. So in a sense there's even a connection there. Fact is EJ's long line of women are all Lucas' leftovers in some way or another. Coincidence or not is irrelevant but I find it amusing, lol.
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