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Oct 3 2012, 09:18 PM
As sad as Nicole will be and as much as she wants to be a mother, I'm not so sure this is a bad thing for Nicole. Yes, it is unbelievably devastating and sad but if Nicole is still scheming and ploting to get Daniel back, she's not ready to be a mother yet. Nicole needs to grow-up, focus on fixing her own life (like getting her own house, maybe?),THEN she can worry about having a child; in my mind, with new Eric (priest or not). I truely want Nicole to be a mother and hope the writters let her achieve that dream someday, but until Nicole grows-up and stops scheming she's not ready for a child.
OK so let me get this straight Nicole is not ready to be a mother because she needs to grow up and stop scheming but YET Sami had a child a sixteen with Lucas and claimed Austin as the father, the whole time Lucas not knowing he had a son. Then had twins from EJ and Lucas, and switched paternity tests to make Lucas both twins father and get EJ out the picture, then changed gears when Lucas went to prison for Will, and gave both babies to EJ to help her raise, when Lucas got out of prison she attempted to say he was an unfit father so EJ could still play daddy to Allie, then she got pregnant yet again and gave the baby she thought was EJ's to Rafe to be father by an illegal adoption but the baby died first. Sorry Sami has four kids is a bad mother, choses the father for every child after they are born. But it's okay for her to have these kids because she so mature and never schemes. :wow:
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