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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Nicole and Jennifer.

Nicole wants to tell both Rafe and Daniel about the baby, but she sees Daniel and Jennifer in a tender moment, and then when she starts to tell Rafe, Sami interrupts them. When Nicole is finally alone with Daniel, she asks him to move away with her, but he doesn't want to since he has so many commitments in Salem. He leaves and Nicole is alone at his apartment. She overhears an answering machine message from Jennifer, and Nicole is angry at Jennifer since she thinks Jennifer is trying to get Daniel back. Ari Zucker shares that Nicole thinks Jennifer has everything, so she shouldn't have Daniel too.

Nicole takes a scalpel she took from the hospital and goes to confront Jennifer. Zucker says that Nicole probably took the scalpel to hurt herself because of her distraught mental state due to the pain she's in. Nicole and Jennifer have a confrontation at the Town Square, and Nicole falls down the stairs. When Brady and Billie see it, Nicole says Jennifer pushed her. SOD hints that this leads to a "shocking move where Jen is concerned..."

Pick up the latest Digest for details!

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