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Oct 4 2012, 01:18 PM
This show drives me crazy. Chad's an idiot and I don't understand why he'd divulge everything to Sami. Last month, he was all about being EJ's brother and showing genuine concern and love for him. Now he's a raving lunatic trying to stick-it to his brother. Sure, EJ didn't help him, but it wasn't his fault that Melanie left and EJ really had nothing to do with the whole Gabi story. Why didn't Chad just go to EJ and have him use his connections to get off for assaulting Nick? Hate the story, hate that Chad is an overdramatic moron, and goodness, hate that Sami got the goods in all of 5 minutes.

Wow. EJ goes ballastic on Chad just to make him seem that much more "bad". Such heavy-handed writing. Surprised there isn't orders to "uglify" JS so that the guy isn't so darned attractive. I can't stand what these writers do to this character (reminded me of when he yelled at Johnny). Really, I get that "bad" EJ is all about "what's fair in love and war" but going off on his brother was a little much. Of course, we're once again reminded how evil EJ is - when Gabi escapes any "soap" punishment (Sami didn't even care that Gabi was involved in the kidnapping/explosion), Chad is taken as a misunderstood youngster, and this is now EJ's mess.

Sami's hair looked like a horse's tail. Sami deking in and out of people (all two of them) to find Rafe in the square - embarrassing. That reminded me of a high school production of "The Young and the Useless". Seriously, who's directive was that? Bad acting, bad set-up, bad characters, bad dialogue, bad staging. This couple is one of the worst I have ever seen in my soap watching career (for me, worse than Danny Santos and May Merisi on GL). SO sickening, so predictable, so vanilla.

Poor, poor Nicole. I was, however, getting "mysterious new doctor leaving the country" is suspicious vibes. Good for all you who want Nicole's baby to be alive. On the downside, she's already gone off the deep end - the "I want the baby to be a doctor like his father" talk was sickening. Hate this Dan, hate that glorification of him.
I was trying to figure out what that scene reminded me of, but you hit the nail on the head. Okay, is it my imagination how much is the writing and how much is the acting, but my God today's show was terrible. It was rather unbelievable. Let's Rename the show The Alison Sweeny/James Scott Hour. AZ is a tremendous actor and what the heck is she doing still on this show. She is believable, you laugh, you cry, she actually makes you emote.
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