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Depressing and heartbreaking though the subject may be, I have no problem with them telling this story.But (and clearly that's a BIG BUT) if they are going to tell it, they need to do it correctly. They need to do their research. They need to dedicate themselves to giving the story airtime even if it is "depressing" and focused on all the wrong demographic. There are real people dealing with dementia. This is not a subject to be taken on lightly or haphazardly. If there is any actress on Days that could pull this story off it is Peggy McCay. She would shine in the dying of the light. But this is not a subject to be trotted out once a month with a series half-hearted stereotypes until 6 months later when the show decides to pull the plug. Tell the story correctly with all the anguish and heartbreak, complete with small triumphs and devastating losses or don't tell the story at all. Telling this story wrong would make me angrier than having any unpopular character imaginable crammed down my throat and would upset more than the character assassination even my most beloved favorites. Do it right or don't do it at all.
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