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Friday, October 5th

Nicole says this is common isnt it?
It did happen before with dr. knap
the baby was in a weird position
the doctor says lets do an ultrasound

dan tells jen, he
dont see them being friends sorry
she says what are we then,acquaintances? should we call ourselves that
should i acknowledge you when we are in the same room together
that cant be what you want
he says i think thats the best thing

Sami and rafe are smooching in the square, while Ej is watching
and he is not too happy
they stop she says i thought
he says you have no idea how much
she says talk later kiss now

Kayla and Bo talk at the pub
she tells him she likes the new job its distracting
Bo says you need a distraction from home work fills in but if work takes over and causes problems at home it isnt so good
she says is that happen with you
he says yeah kind of , work is getting frustrating
Hope comes in and says what ever he decides im behind him

sami and rafe more kissing
ej watching
she says chad told me Ej had something on you , didnt tell me what it was , but it was enough to keep you away from me
that was
he says it was killing me not being able to tell you the truth
i hated hurting you
she says you were protecting your sister , i understand
he says i wanted you to know why i said the things i said
she says i knew something else was happening, my instincts were screaming at me
he says i was running out of excuses
she says i wish Ej could see us right now and know his stupid plan didnt work
he says lets not talk about Ej
she says you are right what should we talk about lets talk about our future
more kissing
Ej gets his phone out .

jen say thats fine if thats what you want i wont look at you when we run into each other
dan says i wish you the best
jen says the only reason you are doing this is because of Nicole you are letting her destroy your life and our friendship

Nicole says doctor
the doctor is looking at the monitor
doctor Knapp always has the monitor facing me so i can see my baby
please show me my baby
you could see my babys heart beating cant you i can feel it like my own.
do it again please,
show me my babys heart beating
nicole tries to take the wand from her

dan says you arent going to let it go
you dont know me at all
she says i know you love to practice medicine
you are going to lose that for Nicole Walker
everything that matters to you ?
what if melanie finds out her dad is caught up in some ridiculous scheme with Nicole trying to hide who the father of her baby is
what if you get hauled off to court for fraud what if you lose your medical license
your mother is worried sick about you
if you dont want to help yourself dont but think about your mother and your daughter
he says maggie and mel are in my life you arent good bye Jennifer
he leaves

kayla says she heard there was going to be layoffs at the station
Hope says roman has to decide who should stay and who should be let go
Bo leaves

rafe and sami still kissing
they both get texts
sami looks over at Ej with his phone
rafe says its work ,it can wait
she says mine is stupid not worth my time
he says are you hungry
she says starving
he says lets eat lunch and dinner together
we have a lot of catching up to do
she says i have one thing on my to do list i would like to get rid of
he says i will pick us up something to go and have a picnic
she says we will meet back at your loft
he says its a date
she says i hope its more than that
more kissing
he leaves
Ej comes over to sami
he says Samantha,i can explain

The doctor continues trying to find the heart beat
Nicole says stop
she is crying
the doctor says you said you wanted me to ....Nicole, im so sorry
your baby is dead
Nicole cries and cries

Bo comes into the station says to roman are you really considering taking cops off the streets to hit your magic number?
Roman says i have no choice
Bo says these guys are fresh out of the academy, they have families to take care of and this is what you are going to do to them?

Maggie comes into the pub
talks to Nick
rafe comes in
and wants to talk to Nick alone
Maggie gives them space
rafe says i want to thank you for what you did for my sister
nick says gabi is a good person
i was glad to help
rafe says yeah she just made bad mistakes could have ruined her life
are you guys even friends you hardly know each other ?
why put your life on the line for her?

Sami says you can explain?
Ej says yes
she says this is going to be good
he says what i did
she says you mean blackmailing rafe
to protect his sister , he has to stay away from me so you could have me
he says what i did
however it may have looked from the outside , however misguided
she says and twisted and sick
he says i did it for one reason
she says do you know who you are talking to this is me, you and me
we have been down this road before
multiple time
he says i know and yes i did something that was terrible
she says you think?
He says but my intentions we pure
i did it..... because i love you

The doctor says this is nothing you did or didnt do ,these things happen , possibly a heart defect or chromosomal defect any number of conditions
we had no way of detecting it earlier
there are some things we need to take care of now
and schedule a time to induce labour
preferably in the next day or 2
and i will have to contact Dr. knapp and let her know
do you understand what im saying to you ?
Nicole looks like she is in shock

Sami says love?
you love me?
you are puling out all the stops
he says im telling you the truth its from my heart
she says you dont know what the truth looks like and you dont have a heart
he says could we go some where private to talk about this ?
She says if my hair were on fire and you were the only person around to offer me a lift to a hydrant i would say no
is that sinking in?
He says we were starting something together
she says yeah i was going to make a mistake with you that i have made before
he says you werent making a mistake
you were not
she saysi was me with you i was being myself i wasnt playing games with you
the games that i always play when someone hurts me or when im scared
i was being me
he says and it was wonderful
she says so you could manipulate me again , i was trusting you again
despite all evidence to the contrary
the fact that you didnt change an iota
he said it felt incredible , it felt wonderful and it was real
she says but you werent being real with me, you held me in your arms and you comforted me , knowing full well the only reason rafe rejected me was cuz you were blackmailing him
with his sisters safety
he says listen
she says no you listen to me
you said you hated seeing me cry
but you made it happen
by manipulating 4 peoples lives
including your brother chad
who you say you care about
he says i care about him very much
she says you would sell anybody up the river to further your agenda
and i get it
but you tell me you love me but those are empty words cuz you are empty
rafe knows what real love is
i belong with him and im going to go be with him

nick says he was given a 2nd shot and he thought gabi deserved the same chance to get on with her life
we are friends
gabi never judged me
rafe says i understand how you would want to be there for her like she has been there for you
nick says
you dont like this
rafe says what?
Nick says that gabi and i have become friends

roman say you know i hate doing this but i have no choice i have to lay off 2 least experienced detectives
Bo says if i take early retirement
do they keep their jobs

jen goes home
sees the baby magazines on the coffee table ,she takes them and opens the door
kayla is at the door
she stopped by to check on her and tell her how happy she is that she is back to work as is everybody
jen says not everybody is happy with that
just wondering if i belong there
kay says are you thinking about quitting?

dan goes to maggie
says he spoke to jen
it obvious that you spoke to her on my behalf
she says i did
he says you cant take something say to you in confidence to jen or anyone else
she says sorry i was worried about you and i thought jen could help
dan says we are no longer friends
i need you to promise not to interfer whats going on between me and jennifer again which is nothing

The doc says i know you are in shock
go home and get some rest, ill have a nurse call you and she will explain everything you need to do
Nicole says Daniel Raphael
thats my babys name
doc says im so sorry you doctor isnt on duty
i will let your doctor know what happened
Nicole says i know you have a flight to catch
the doc says i can stay a bit longer
nic says please go
the doc says ok ill let the nurse know you are in here
im truly sorry
she leaves
Nicole says oh god
and she cries

roman says if you retire then the 2 guys i can figure out a way to keep them
you are the best detective i ever had
being a martyr isnt a good reason to give up your career
bo says its not being a martyr
he gives him a paper
roman says and the winner is
bo says 2 cops
i filled out my resignation a week ago the date isnt filled in you can do that
i told myself i would give it to you when the moment was right
the moment is right

rafe says gabi is vulnerable right now
her whole world has been turned upside down
i want to make sure she isnt taken advantage of
nick says i give you my word i wont do that
rafe says i have someone who i care about who is starving right now
think you could help me out?

ej says i see what you are doing here
you are pitting me against rafe
darkness against light
because its easier and safier and expected
you may even like the fact that he is claiming to be the father of a another womans child
gives him an edge doesnt it
he is a liar
he will be caught
she says i cant help thinking about all the times you kept reminding me that you think he really is the father of nicoles baby
he says i lied to you
so that i could have you
(they are very close )
he lied to another man about his child
ask him
look him in the eye and asks him
and you will see what i already know
he leaves

jen says i didnt say i was quitting ,i hate to see someone i care about toss everything that matters to him in the trash
They both get calls and have to get to the hospital

maggie says you were upset about making choices and jen changing her opinion of you
so i stepped
i stepped in where you didnt asks me to
cuz i love and care about you just trying to help
he says but its not helping
she says im sorry about you and Jennifer
cierra asks Maggie to come help her with something
Maggie tells dan she loves him
he says i love you too
he leaves
calls Nicole leaves a message
about the plan she had about moving to Utah

Nicole has her baby clothes out of the bag that she just bought
says i couldnt wait to see you in this
and this was for Halloween if you made it on time(pumpkin outfit)
and this , a Christmas outfit
santa clause
she holds it and cries
how come this is happening to me again
i could hear you cry in my sleep
i know what it would sound like
i could feel your fingers curled around mine for the first time
i know i could
and if i could feel that in my dreams
i know you were real, you were there you were mine ,you were my baby
she falls on the floor crying holding the little Santa outfit
she says oh my little Danny
no no
how can i say goodby
how can i never hold you
(Excellent acting )

Hope and Bo talk at the pub again
he tells her he gave roman his resignation
Hope says you went thru with it
im so proud of you
now you are ready to start planing your next project
he says it can wait lets go

Nicole puts her baby clothes back in her bag
she sees she has a message from Daniel
and she says Daniel

kayla and jen get to the hospital
a nurse tells them the power has been out in the ER for an hour and all the computers are out

Anne comes up to jen and says have any idea what kind of chaos is going on around here
jen says it seems controlled to me
im going to do a press release
anne says this should have been done an hour ago
were you even in the hospital?
Jen screams thats enough and bangs her hand on the desk at the nurses station
anne leaves
jen hurt her hand
dan is there
says lets see your hand
she says its fine
he says no its not
you are not going to help anyone here if it swells up
he checks it

Ej is in his office
mad, throwing papers around

rafe and sami go into his apartment
he says we can go on a picnic or stay here
she say what do you want
he says what happened
she says ej texted me , he was at the sqaure watching us
he says ok
she says i shouldnt have lied to you about it
but i wanted to confront him
and i thought if you knew ,you wouldnt
leave if you knew i shouldnt have lied
he says this is weird
she says the thing is i get it
i want this to work
and i know for it to work we have to be
honest, no more secrets, no more lies
he agrees
she says good
then you can tell me the truth
are you really the father of nicoles baby?

Bo and Hope come to the Kiriakis mansion
Bo tells cierra he was sorry he missed her assembly
it will never happen again
she reads her poem for them

EJ is still in his office
his phone is ringing
he looks at it
its his father
he just looks at it and closes his eyes

sami says i know you had to lie to me about gabi , i understand why you did
but with nicoles baby
Ej really believes he is the father and he is going to stop at nothing to prove it
and if he does , you know Ej he is going to destroy anyone
who tried to stand in the way between him and his baby
i want to help
i can help you and Nicole keep the baby away from ej
you just have to tell me the truth are you the babys father or not

Nicole cant get through to Daniel
she leaves the room
and sees dan checking out jennifers hand
he says i think its just a sprain
look its starting to swell already
she says its funny last time you brought me to the Er
it was my face that was swollen
they laugh about their first date
Nicole is watching them
she is crying
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