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Kalabaw - Penner and Kent continue to dominate. Ugh. Shoot me now. I want this tribe obliterated too. Dana and Dawson can stay. Katie and Carter aren't adding anything. Ugh. They're such wastes. I want to see more of Dawson though, I feel like there's a player there that we aren't seeing. I also don't see Kent and Penner truly working together. They're jockying for the same position. I just don't see it lasting. Also, kudos to Dana for her great job in the challenge. Dana and RC are surprising physical threats.

Tandang - Mike remains UTR. I guess they're saving him for later domination? Sigh. Just speculation on my part! Lisa is back in it. Good. However, I think Pete made a mistake telling Lisa they're going for Mike. I feel like Lisa and Mike are in an alliance we aren't seeing. Everytime the rest of the tribe talks about Lisa being in danger they always cut to Mike, who keeps his mouth shut and is never shown (or never does say) saying really anything bad about Lisa. This tribe is waiting to explode and I can't wait until they have to vote someone out. It's gonna be a clusterfuck. And Abi-Maria is a loon! I'm loving her more and more though. Pete is hot. Again, week 3, all I got. However, props to him for trying to play the game. And kudos to RC for her kickass job in the challenge. Damn girl.

Matsing - this tribe is beyond sad. However, I love Malcolm and Denise. I haven't had favorites like them in I really don't know how long. Russell is really annoying. He's pathetic in water challenges, clearly. And Angie. My god. How could they have put up with her for 8 days? She never shut up. I'm glad she grew from the experience but I'm so happy she's gone. I'm not upset Matsing have been losing because I couldn't stand any of them except Malcolm and Denise. Zane had potential, I guess, but he would have gotten old really fast.
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