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Oct 4 2012, 02:42 PM
Sigh. This could be a storyline that hits home for nearly everyone in the audience, but like most have said...this show SUCKS at this type of writing and the only route they would go is to have Caroline dead in a month. If this would have started 9-12 months ago and she was really deteriorating this could be great.

Why is Bo leaving again? We just saw video of Deidre Hall talking to Peggy McKay at the 12,000th episode. Bo is gone...I don't get it. Would Bo leave his mother when she had Alzheimer's? Or really anything else life threatening? No. It was already ridiculous that he would leave Hope and Ciara to go off on some mid-life crisis adventure, but this gives him even MORE reason to stay. I will say there are ways to salvage this, but the show isn't going to do it.

If Bo thinks Caroline might soon forget everything and wants her to enjoy what could be her last days in sound mind and takes her sailing around the world or to go visit Ireland to feel closer to Shawn Sr. while she still remembers him. This could be highly emotionally and great story. If while they're gone Bo disappears because he's also taking the opportunity to dig around about the DiMeras this would explain Caroline being back and Bo being gone. It would explain Bo ditching his family and cover almost all of the bases. It would leave Hope/Kristian Alfonso in a bind, but I'm sure they would go the Jack route and have Stefano or someone send Hope an email saying Bo didn't want to come home and is on a sail-about. Whatever, something stupid. Best case would be a video of Bo "dying" that didn't involve the DiMeras so Hope can have a life.

But even that scenario if Caroline is really going through this don't we all want to see her with Bo, Kayla, Kimberly, and even bozo Roman? It just doesn't make sense to do this unless Caroline is going to die and apparently she is not.
It could be that he's off (to the jungle lol) to find some mystery cure for her. That would go along with the SOD fall preview spoiler that he's there for her when she needs him. Idk...
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