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Confusion and memory loss can be tied to so many different things. I had an uncle die last February, since that time its been heartbreaking to watch my grandmother's memory has slipped away. She went from paying his bills and her bills too, to feeling like someone needed to watch over her finances within a few months time. Someday now she can't remember phone numbers she's dialed for 20 years. She's left stove on unattended; she can't remember what she ate last night or if she ate. Two weeks ago she couldn't remember how to check her blood sugar, something she's had to do for longer than I can remember. My family was terrified that when the diagnosis finally came back it would be Alzheimer's. It's depression. When the antidepressants are working, she's the same sweet loving woman she's always been--calling people by the wrong name and occasionally repeating herself, just like normal. I suppose she would be considered a lucky one, but my point is that memory loss & Alzheimer's are not synonymous. This story can be told without it being about Alzheimer's. A big part of me that knows Days history with these kinds of stories really, really, really hopes that it's not. That doesn't mean it's not a story worth telling though. And still I welcome the chance for Peggy to shine.
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