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Hi all,
I've lurked here for months, reading the day ahead and seeing people's reactions. I registered today because I have become too fed up to keep it in any longer and needed to proclaim: This show SUCKS SO HARD RIGHT NOW! They should rename it the Rafe and Daniel show since every other scene either includes them or someone talking about how wonderful, noble, etc. they are. WHY are they going back to Safe and Dannifer-to please the 5 people who enjoyed those pairings the first time around? So stupid.

I hate that Maggie has been reduced to Daniel's cheerleader and I hate that he refers to her as "Mom" and "my mother." I hate that Lucas is being thrown under the bus after all he has done for Will and Sami through the years. I hate that Jack was killed and that his death is being made all about Dannifer. I hate that Allison Sweeney, James Scott, Galen Gering, Shawn Christian, Melissa Reeves, and Casey Deidrick are on constantly while Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Bryan Dattilo, Judi Evans, Wally Kurth, and Freddie Smith are barely seen for weeks at a time. It's infuriating.

The only things I like right now are Will and Sonny and (to my surprise) Nick and Gabi.

Today's Safe reunion was gagworthy. It was only two months ago that Rafe was mooning over Carrie, Sami was running out of town with EJ, and Jack was alive and well and rebuilding his life with Jennifer. How can viewers be expected to even care about storylines when they can change at a moment's whim?

Thanks for listening!
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