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BJ Deveraux
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Oct 4 2012, 04:55 PM
Oct 4 2012, 01:59 PM
God. Poor Nicole.

No, Jen-Jen, the woman you're determined to demonize because you can't handle the fact that your ex-boyfriend isn't Sir Galahad and makes his own stupid choices isn't a monster or a succubus. She's as human as you are and she's just had a devastating loss.

No sympathy for Bitchifer getting flak at work for not being on site when she should have been, and hurting her widdle hand because of her own stupid tantrum. And my skin crawled at her bringing up her first date with Daniel. Why the hell would she bring it up if she wasn't hoping to "pick up where they left off," as she so quaintly puts it?

Daniel told Maggie to butt out. But then this is the twit who tried to play matchmaker with Dannifer less than 24 hours after Jack died, so she probably won't listen.

Safe. ZZZZ.

Bo's exit continues to underwhelm. How many days does PR have left at this point?

TFP, Skye.
I'm done with Jennifer. Jack & Jenn's lovestory was one of the best written storylines in Days history and their scenes in the early 90s were some of the best acted. Matt & Missy truly brought out the best in each other. But I have come to accept that the Jennifer I loved is gone. She was tarnished little by little by various writers until all that was left was a pale, blonde cheap imitation. I don't know if Tomlin intended for us to feel sympathy towards Jennifer, but the only thing I feel when I look at her is disappointment. I am disappointed that after all Jack & Jennifer went through to be together, after all these years....this is what we're left with. One of the greatest love stories ever written on a daytime soap opera has been reduced to this. Jack is dead (?) and Jennifer is unrecognizable. If by some miracle Matt returns to this show, I will support any pairing Jack is part of, however, I cannot and will not support Jack with Jennifer. My days of wanting Jack with Jennifer are done.
She is unrecognizable and downright hateful. I just saw tomorrow's preview and she just about jumped on Dr. Douche. Gross. Just gross. Yet the writers are shoving her to the front burner oblivious to the fact that she is widely hated.
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