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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

When you watch the Dannifer epi today, you'd swear they were doing a redo of 1990's JNJ
Daniel is pushing Jennifer away (we all know he wants her) and Jennifer is grovelling her way back into his life. ( I have no Idea why she's interested in him-- really what's the appeal?)

For the 3, 333, 333 time: DANIEL is not JACK, fans do not want to see Dan push away the love of his life (gag me with a spoon) and Jen begging him to let her in his life. (you know at least be friends so she can take advantage of his sexual weaknesses) It Sickens me that TPTB think that theycan get away with this crap writing Bad Boy Dr. Dan, emotionally scarred, has built up walls that Jennifer Horton think she must breakdown and get inside. :moon: :puke:
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