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National Enquirer Spoilers
-Rafe gets some shocking news when he goes to the hospital.
-Caroline reluctantly admits to Roman that she may have Alzheimer's.
-Rafe and Sami's romance begins to heat up.
-Victor and Caroline reminisce about the past.
-Daniel realizes the repercussions of his actions are potentially career ending.

**UPDATED 10/5**

Monday ("Nicole's Hope")
Nicole prays that Daniel believes that Jennifer tried to hurt her; EJ overhears some alarming information.

Tuesday ("The Truth")
EJ and Nicole bond over the loss of their baby; Nick and Gabi bump into Will and Sonny on their first date.

Wednesday("Nicole's Admission")
EJ interrupts a romantic night between Sami and Rafe; John awakens to a familiar face.

Thursday ("Proud Moment")
Victor tells Bo how proud he is to have him as son; Sami refuses to forgive Rafe for lying to her.

Friday ("Jennifer's Future")
Jennifer knows that her fate lies in Nicole's hands; Bo decides to tell his mother that she needs help.

**UPDATED 10/9**

Spoilers For October 15-19

Itís out.

Rafeís about to get out his giggle stick when his reunion with Sami is interrupted by some grim news. When Rafe gets to the hospital, he discovers that Nicole has lost her child. He does his best to comfort her. As she weeps, a drunken EJ blunders in at the moment that she tells the cop that they have to continue keeping the paternity a secret.

At first, Elvis doesnít clue in that the baby is dead and calls to order a paternity test. When the news finally reaches him that the child is gone, heís left to grieve alone. Later, Nicole does everything she can to convince Daniel that Jenn really did shove her down the steps of doom. Heís not sure what to think.

He heads over to the cop shop after learning that Jenn has been arrested. Sheís sitting in her cell when her daughter comes to visit. Jenn doesnít know what to tell Abby. Hope promises to get her cousin a lawyer. The doctor arrives and she assures him that she is innocent. He believes her.

EJ goes to see Nicole. He does his best to act sympathetic, all the while recording their conversation. After offering to help her make sure Jenn suffers, he prods her to admit that the baby was his. Sheís so heavily sedated she canít lie about it. Down the hall, Sami runs into Rafe. He breaks the news about the baby and she consoles him until it turns into making out. They go home and are about to climb into bed but the grief is almost overwhelming to him.

EJ shows up to ruin the mood even more. He confronts them with the recording he made of Nicís unwitting confession. Rafe wonít cover it up. EJ smugly leaves and Sami lashes out at Rafe, refusing to let him make any excuses.

Jenn gets bail but has to face the fact that plenty of people think that she might be guilty. Sheís absolutely terrified. Abby goes to visit Nicole and attempts to convince her to let her mom off the hook. Nic is not sympathetic. When Daniel drops in to see her, she admits to him that she broke the truth to EJ. Heís worried but still tries to be supportive. He takes some time to grieve the loss of the child and then runs into Jenn. After she thanks him for believing in her, he returns to Nicole and urges her to consider the possibility that the fall may have been an accident.

Sonny and Will spend some time with John and Marlena. Itís a bit awkward and it doesnít help that John is reluctant to discuss anything from his past. The lads later run into Nick and Gabi on their first date. Nickís a little shocked to discover that Gabiís ex is gay. The couples go off separately to make out and plan their next dates.

Stefano finally manages to convince Kristen to return to Salem. As soon as she flies back, she manages to easily make her way into Johnís bed. At least in his dreams. In reality, John is just groggy after a night of sensual excess with Marlena. She senses that something is askew with him but John downplays it. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to visit Elvis, who mistakes her for his mother until she corrects him. He isnít friendly when she says that his father sent her. She begins initiating her plans for John and Marlena. She stalks them around town before managing to corner Marlena at lookout point.

Carolineís annoyed that her kids keep hovering around her. Roman joins his siblings to make it worse. Kayla finally admits to her ma that it does indeed look like she has Alzheimerís. Caroline is ready to fight it. Hope begins researching treatments and Victor arrives as Bo and his mother are having a difficult moment. Victor joins them and this makes her more coherent. They reminisce about their past until she falls asleep.

Victor tells his son how sorry he is and how much he wants to help. Maggie and Hope join them. Victor tells his wife how much he cherishes her and Bo makes a vow never to let his ma down. He insists to his siblings that he should become her primary care giver. Bo wants to make up for all of the time they lost after they had a falling out over his paternity.


Monday October 15:
Sami and Rafe's sex is put on hold.
Nicole pulls out all the emotional stops in order to ensure Daniel believes her story.
Jenn's eventually realizes there's no way she could have pushed Nicole.
Daniel believes Jenn.
Rafe and Nicole grieve her baby together.
A slightly drunken EJ goes to Sami's place to confront her.
EJ overhears that Nicole lost the baby.
John stiffens at the mention of Kristen.
Stefano convinces Kristen to go back to Salem.

Tuesday October 16:
EJ learns he really is the baby daddy.
EJ learns his son is dead.
EJ records a confession from Nicole.
Sami consoles Rafe.
Roman's hit hard at Caroline's possibly diagnosis.
Nick and Gabi are interrupted on their first date by Will and Sonny.
Nick's surprised Will's gay.

Wednesday October 17:
Sami and Rafe are about to have sex when Rafe stops things because of his guilt over the baby daddy lie.
EJ produces the recording for Sami.
Caroline doesn't shrink from her possible diagnosis.
Hope researches medical care for Caroline.
John and Marlena have a romantic evening.
Kristen arrives in Salem.

Thursday October 18:
Caroline has a nice coherent moment with Victor.
Bo promises not to let Caroline down.
Rafe admits he'd cover for Nicole all over again.
Sami feels used.
Kristen visits EJ.

Friday October 19:
Nicole confesses to Daniel she confirmed to EJ that he was not the father of her baby.
Jenn is terrified knowing her fate is in Nicole's hands.
Abigail makes an appeal to Nicole.
Kirsten talks to Stefano about her future.
John canít get his troubling memories of Kristen out of his mind.
Kristen catches a glimpse of John and Marlena and later visits John.
Bo, Kayla and Roman make plans for looking after Caroline.

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