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You know, I worry too. But then I think....A meaningful story.

A meaningful story with real impact could be coming around the pike for Caroline. A story with all kinds of potentially emotional scenes as Caroline, Roman, Kayla, and Bo deal with their fears about the outcome of her tests.

No one deserves a story MORE than Peggy, and I'm glad for her to get this opportunity. I remember back in the day when we had some really emotional stories to watch. Kimberly was blind. Kayla was deaf. Justin was paralyzed.

Nothing like that has happened for a long time. Philip's leg, maybe? But honestly, I didn't start watching when Philip lost his leg and it was so seldom that it was even referred to. It certainly had no impact on Philip's sense of self. He didn't suffer self-consciousness about it or have insecurities because of it in the time I was watching. He never wondered if some woman he was attracted to would view him in any way differently than any other guy. Of course, maybe all those things WERE explored when it first happened.

You tell me.

But for a story like this to be featured now...Well, I may be one of the few, but I'm glad it's coming. Peggy can deliver, and it could be a powerful tale.

Like many of you, though, I think it's a mistake to take Bo away now. Bo would never leave if Caroline was in danger of losing her life. So maybe she's not going to have Alzheimer's. Or maybe she does, but she won't tell him it's that so he can pursue his wish to go on a trip. Kayla would have to honor patient confidentiality, wouldn't she? And that could put her in conflict with Bo or Roman at some point, which would be interesting too.

Usually family members aren't treated by doctors who are members of their family, right? But heck...it's Days.
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