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Oct 4 2012, 08:16 PM
AZ is the only reason I am watching this bullshit! I can't believe they are doing this to her again...killing off her baby and having the gut wrenching realization scene...especially reminiscing about pumpkin and christmas clothes. Awful. Sickening.

I think the baby is gone. And despite that long absent Stefano pops up, this particular episode leaves me little hope. This show leaves me little hope too.

There was an article a while back with AS said that Sami was at the lowest point as her life came crashing down and it was nothing but her head in her hands before Lucas showed up. What is happening to Nicole, my dear Sween, is what it is like when life crashes down. Being left with nothing and nobody. Nicole always gets shit on.

I can't bare to watch Dannifer or Safe during all of this.
The scenes between EJ and Sami sound so cringe worthy...how many scenes have we have where EJ is standing their pleading with her, begging while he proclaims his love while she talks about being duped again and what an evil liar he is with a no heart or soul. Sickening. Why does he always have such shriveled balls with her. Why does she get so many scenes to shit on EJ?

This show sucks.
I'm furious that Nicole is once again crying over her dead baby in the hospital...all alone.
ITA about Ej. He is such a totally pathetic character in this episode, standing there lurking in HTS spying on Sami and Rafe kissing. What a sick bastard. Then after Sami is through with him he goes back to his office and throws papers around and has a hissy fit like a spoiled teen. It is truly disgusting to watch him act like this over a woman who clearly doesn't love or want him.
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