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Oct 4 2012, 10:02 PM
My first thought was a Wabi wedding, too. Doug & Julie haven't shown up for any of Safe's previous weddings so I don't see them bothering for this one...but Will is a Horton.

It could be a Dannifer wedding, though - just in time for Chloe to show up with the news that Parker really is Daniel's kid.
You know if that happened & Chloe showed up at a Dannifer wedding to say Parker was his kid. I would watch it, tape it & throw a party, but only if Daniel left Jennifer standing at the alter while he ran off with Chloe to be with his family. Sorry at this point I want to see Jennifer suffer. So being left at the alter would be to funny, She should be ashamed of herself for not caring Jack died. Her focus should be on Abby & Jack JR not DR Pervy
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