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Noooooo...! I've waited and wanted this storyline to happen for so long because it allows to write some great, emotional and touching drama. I even wanted it to happen especially to Caroline, because she's so beloved character with a long history and loving family and she deservers a touching send-off. I envisioned how DOOL could deal with it from several point of views (how it feels to know you're gonna forget everything, how it affects the relatives and their spouses when their loved-one doesn't recognize them anyone, to show how there are better and worse days etc..). But with Tomlin back in the team, this just cannot go well. Like people said, there'll probably be some 'cure for Alzhaimer's in the jungle', a brain chip or something. And it's exactly what I don't wanna see. I'm keeping my fingers Xed for a realistic and touching story, but I'm sure they'll ruin this somehow (Bo leaving is an excellent begin......). And this is especially disappointing for me because I have Alzheimer's in my family and I know how it hurts when your loved-one doesn't recognize you, and how heartbreaking are also those little moments when they do recognize you and are so terribly sorry and sad for not recognizing you right away when you walked in. But I'm sure I won't feel even a tiny fraction of those emotions when this stuff airs. :(

I so wish this s/l would've taken place under MarDar's commend. I know many of you didn't care for those two either, but I really enjoyed their writing and I believe their problems in writing (including mighty slow pace sometimes) were more due to the budget and execution rather than the lack of ideas.. As soon as they were fired and the new eps started playing, the characters and dialogues have felt mighty cold to me and I have had absolutely zero interest for the show. Sad.
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