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Oct 5 2012, 06:13 AM
Oct 5 2012, 05:37 AM
Honestly, whomever you want Sami paired with, bless you. I don't know how anyone can ship any Sami pairing at this point. I've always been torn between having her happy with Lucas or full on scheming villain with EJ, but whatever. It's one thing if they write her as being fickle and torn. But they don't. It's just one day they push one pairing, the next another. It all depends on where they want to go or been ordered to go. I don't think Safe is a strong pairing, but honestly none of Sami's pairings are strong because of the constant changing direction.

So, if you can still root for Sami/Rafe, Sami/EJ or Sami/Lucas, you've got my respect for your optimism. Because Sami's love life is the house of cards that's sinking this show.

And where are the Wilson spoilers?
you do have a point i mean i just can't get into safe maybe its because they have no angst or because i'm watching old lumi clips and compared to safe it seemed like they had angst non stop remeber when kate set it up to make it look like sami cheated they was apart for nearly six months before the truth came out.Not a couple days like this lame thing with safe is doing with ej's plot.THey've pretty much ruined sami.I enjoyed her ore when she was an underdog and she had to fight now every guyfalls at her feet
Yeah when you're been a member of a fanbase that experienced a lifetime of angst, kind of hard to buy the sunshine and roses that is Safe with absolutely no obstacles whatsoever. Normally a couple reuniting this fast when everything is seemingly perfect means they are about to crumble yet again however with Tomlin we know that's not the case. He wants Safe to be together and happy just for the sake of them being together and happy because he can have sweet Safe dreams at night, lol.
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