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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 5 2012, 09:56 AM
Oct 5 2012, 09:24 AM
Oct 5 2012, 09:08 AM
Exactly. I mean...c'mon...isn't that how all the Sweet Valley High books end? :wub2:
Sweet Valley High! #TeamJessica

I think Safe actally IS headed toward an implosion. Who knows how serious or long-term, but GT has set it up for the paternity secret to be a at least semi-big deal between them. The key tip-offs are them being reunited so quickly, reunited with Rafe's lie hanging over their head (especially with Sami begging him to tell the truth), and EJ's warnings to her about Rafe's lie. No idea how big of an implosion it will be, but I don't think Sami is just going to forget that Rafe didn't trust her enough to tell the truth.
Oh, Sweet Valley High. Life was so simple then.

Problem with this is that Rafe and Sami are treated differently than all other couples. Hey, even Kristen's return is going to cause trouble for John and Marlena. But for some reason, Rafe is untouchable and I'm afraid that his lie about Nicole will just bring him and Sami closer because now they're "even" - Sami's cheating and hurting poor St. Rafe = Rafe lying about "protecting" Nicole (which, I'm sure, will be presented as noble and honourable).

I'm sure the implosion will be the equivalent of three days of Sami pouting, going to Lucas for some advice, snuggling with EJ for 1/2 an episode, and running back into the arms of Rafe on Christmas Eve - he'll be dressed as Santa once again - all in time for a family-filled Hernandez Christmas.
lol....yeah, they might be playing up the lie more and more but in the end IMHO it won't amount to anything more than a 3 day breakup with some crying on Sami's part and some "I'm really, really sorry" on Rafe's part.....

Sami has officially become the new Lucas....a liar that doesn't want anyone lying to her.....lol.....Sami should just shut the hell up and just accept Rafe's apology, she has no room to talk....he apparently forgave her for fucking Ej.....nothing else can seem any worse than that.
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