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Oh, Sweet Valley High. Life was so simple then.

Problem with this is that Rafe and Sami are treated differently than all other couples. Hey, even Kristen's return is going to cause trouble for John and Marlena. But for some reason, Rafe is untouchable and I'm afraid that his lie about Nicole will just bring him and Sami closer because now they're "even" - Sami's cheating and hurting poor St. Rafe = Rafe lying about "protecting" Nicole (which, I'm sure, will be presented as noble and honourable).

I'm sure the implosion will be the equivalent of three days of Sami pouting, going to Lucas for some advice, snuggling with EJ for 1/2 an episode, and running back into the arms of Rafe on Christmas Eve - he'll be dressed as Santa once again - all in time for a family-filled Hernandez Christmas.
lol....yeah, they might be playing up the lie more and more but in the end IMHO it won't amount to anything more than a 3 day breakup with some crying on Sami's part and some "I'm really, really sorry" on Rafe's part.....

Sami has officially become the new Lucas....a liar that doesn't want anyone lying to her.....lol.....Sami should just shut the hell up and just accept Rafe's apology, she has no room to talk....he apparently forgave her for fucking Ej.....nothing else can seem any worse than that.
But I'm not even understanding what the big lie is. That Rafe didn't sleep with Nicole and can't be the father because of that simple fact? I expect Sami to boink Rafe right then and there if that's the big lie cause she's going to love that Rafe stayed celibate instead of jumping Nicole's bones soon after their breakup like she and everyone else thought he did. I mean I seriously do not see her being mad at him about this at all. And not sure if this happened yet but didn't Sami offer to help keep the baby a secret from EJ? So that itself means she's got to suspect that EJ might be the father afterall or else why the need for everyone to join in the "Let's keep EJ from his baby" nonsense?

All I see Sami saying when she finds out is "I knew you loved me and couldn't have sex with another woman and secretly pined for me the whole time. I know you didn't have sex with Carrie but you didn't have sex with Nicole either?? Come on take me now!" lol.
I think the only way to explain this is that Tomlin needed a plot point outside of Ej's blackmail to break Safe up down the line and give them a little angst. The fact that she says to him that from this point forward it's all honesty between them is going to play into this. If she continues to be honest and he still holds onto the fact that he isn't Nicole's baby daddy then Sami will be pissed because he choose to continue to help Nicole over trusting her with the truth....but even then I see it as just a little angst and not some big drawn out breakup.
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