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Seems like the Brady/Kristen things we have been hearing might be to throw us off track of the actual Eric/Kristen relationship that might be going on. At the very least this puts Nicole and Kristen in the same orbit and I'm DYING to see them together. It seems like Eileen is going to be working with a wide variety of people...Joe Mascolo, Drake, Deidre, Greg Vaughan, James Scott, probably Arianne and Martsolf. We know she's at least had some scenes with Kristian. This excites me so much!

I wonder who is going to be Kristen's first non-DiMera friend. I'm guessing Eric Brady since she is working at the church. That should cause great conflict with John and Marlena...and probably jealously from Nicole. I'm super excited to see how this plays out. This has to be the only thing that could get me this interested in the show and the only thing that is so unpredictable to me that I'm not even sure what is going to happen AT ALL. I know Kristen is going to be a mega-bitch, like she's meant to be...but I don't know where they're going so this is already off to a good start. I love the idea of Susan popping up at some point, but I want Kristen established for a good while before that's even considered. If any of her alters besides Kristen and Susan pop up, I will know this return has jumped the shark and I will be very disappointed. Those should stay in the past.

Her contract is "fluid" just like every other contract in daytime. I hope she's around for a good long run on DAYS, but I also read that Michael Logan interview with Josh Griffith and he said if he could have ONE person back it would be Eileen. Sigh. I know her heart is at Y&R, but just let it go Eileen. You can go there when DAYS gets cancelled because Y&R will inevitably outlast DAYS. There's plenty of time. They did you WRONG! Don't believe all of the Maria Bell slander, even if she sucks. Y&R as a whole did you wrong.

I might drop dead the first time John and Marlena (especially Marlena) see Kristen! Can't waitttttt. This return is must-see TV.
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