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Oct 5 2012, 12:46 PM
Oct 4 2012, 05:56 PM
Oct 4 2012, 04:07 PM
Have to say with Chloe I really liked all her pairings EXCEPT Lucas, Love BD but absolutely no chemistry there.

I could easily get behind Broe thought NB and EM had some chemistry they never tapped into.

JKJ and NB had it in spades

SC and NB were HOT before they screwed it up with stupidity

Could definetely watch JS and NB for awhile

And that's what everyone says about Lucas/Chloe, that there was no chemistry. It always struck me that I don't see any Lucas/Chloe fans anywhere, lol. Not on twitter, on message boards, not anywhere. Were they really that bad? I mean even the most chemistryless, contrived couples have fans, lol. Heck every single one of Sami's pairings have fans and most people hate her and many of her pairings. But still enough love them to form a fanbase. I just feel bad for BD that no matter how many fans love him, no one can say that he could generate fans with another pairing outside of Sami. I mean even hot monkey elevator sex with Chloe couldn't get fans? Now that is bad, lol.
Honestly I think the problem with BD and chemistry is that they never let Lucas out of his mold of Sami's pet. BD could more than carry off a good paring but the writers won't give him one, Brady seems to be falling into the same problem they have yet to hit the right paring for him. Lucas/Chloe (BD) was made to look the fool for Daniel and Kate was the vixen, the story truly had little to do with the couple of Lucas/Chloe.
I know what you mean. Late 2008 before Dan came into the picture, it seems Chloe was designated nanny for Allie while Lucas continued to help Sami in whatever stupid crisis she was in which ticked Chloe off in the first place. Then Dan came into the picture and Lucas/Chloe were pretty much toast. I guess from start to finish, they were doomed and no one could see the rooting value in them. Makes sense.
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