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Oct 5 2012, 05:41 PM
This guy really does seem to have some screws loose. Man if I had issues like his I don't think I'd be trying to interview famous people and other people who cover the industry that aren't all there.

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Please follow me at @itsjustdouglas - and I erased all tweets, clean slate, forgive me? forgive you? Let's move on. Thank You.

On-Air with Douglas™ ‏@OnAirWithDoug
We both worked hard to build a great show, I have decided to take rest of year off to regroup and season two will premiere January 2012.
Lmao! i know he was following me too! then i made a comment in public and he took it personally and unfollowed me!
all i said was "what the fuck happened last night,damn so glad i wasn't around to deal with that shit" sensitive much?
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