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Lady Evol
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Oct 5 2012, 03:40 PM
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Oct 5 2012, 02:54 PM

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True BUT I want BD to stay so he needs a love interest and With Tomlin's love of SAFE and his blatant disregard for Lucas his last go round. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Lucas another woman.
I'd prefer Arianna returning and her and Lucas falling in love, over Autumn at this point. First because Autumn is not a TomSell creation and Arianna was. Also I can't buy Lucas love for Autumn because...well he left the poor woman in HK and didn't even give a flying fuck when she broke it off with him....he actually looked releaved that he could boink Sami then....

Arianna returning or a new woman altogether for Lucas....
If Arianna returns I'd rather she and EJ get together. Right now I've lost hope that EJole will reunite, especially because of Eric coming back.
I wouldn't even care who she's with, I just would love Arianna back! (Played by lh!)
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