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Monday, October 8

Despite feeling pressured, Rafe stonewalls, when Sami asks to be let in on Nicole's paternity secret.

Nicole steals and destroys the medical records from her hospital visit; then, shows off baby clothes to Billie.

Daniel and Jennifer's warm moment ends, when she brings up Nicole, and Daniel shuts her down.

Jennifer leans on a supportive Kayla, while Daniel seeks advice from Victor.

EJ rejects Stefano's attempt to console him over losing Sami.

Reality hits Nicole hard, when she runs into Rafe and prepares to confess her tragic news.

Stefano places a call to a mystery person asking for help with EJ.

DVR Alert: Daniel tells Jennifer she doesn't have to resign from her hospital job to avoid him, because he's quitting.

Tuesday, October 9

Nicole feels totally alone, when Sami interrupts her attempt to share her loss with Rafe.

Daniel erupts, when Jennifer suggests he's leaving Salem to avoid legal trouble and possibly even prison.

Bo tells Hope he wants to sail around the world with their family.

Hope points out that all the stops on Bo's port map have connections to DiMera enterprises.

Nicole feels her prayers have been answered, when Daniel reveals he wants to move to Utah with her.

Sami and Rafe return to the scene of their first "date", where Rafe admits he forgives Sami and they share a passionate kiss.

Bo questions Gabi about Caroline's forgetfulness, and she promises to keep an eye on his mother.

After a talk with Marlena, Hope admits to Bo that she's not sure about taking this trip.

DVR Alert: Nicole goes to the Horton house to start packing and comes face-to-face with Jennifer.

Wednesday, October 10

Jennifer confronts Nicole about ruining Daniel's life, but Nicole insists they have a bright future ahead of them.

Bo tells Hope he's rethinking his trip and fills her in on the situation with Caroline.

Abigail presses Gabi for details about Melanie's abrupt departure.

Upon seeing Nick's bruises, Abigail realizes Chad and Nick fought and heads to Chad for answers.

When Kate questions Chad about Stefano, he urges her to move on.

Jennifer tells Brady she's going to stop Nicole from hurting Daniel.

Nicole panics when Daniel suggests she see her doctor to get clearance to travel.

Kate offers Nick a job at Mad World, but he's reluctant to accept.

DVR Alert: Caroline gets defensive and makes a major slip, when Bo broaches the subject of her forgetfulness.

Thursday, October 11

Bo and Caroline head to Kayla's office, where Caroline explains what's been happening to her.

Maggie is caught in the middle, as Victor confronts Daniel about leaving Salem and throwing his life away for Nicole.

After overhearing a voice message from Jennifer asking Daniel to meet her at the town square, Nicole snaps.

Nicole is about to stab Jennifer, but is foiled.

Before Rafe and Sami head out on their date, they run into EJ who accuses Rafe of lying about being Nicole's baby's father.

EJ shows up at the Horton house demanding to see Nicole, but Abigail informs him she moved out.

While arguing with Jennifer, Nicole loses her balance and goes tumbling down the stairs.

Brady and Billie witness Nicole's fall, as Brady rushes to Nicole's side.

DVR Alert: Stefano meets with Kristen and explains he needs her help to unite their family.

Friday, October 12

Jennifer feels horribly, when Nicole goes into labor.

Brady and Billie tell the police that they heard arguing and it looked like Jennifer may have pushed Nicole.

Nicole is taken to the hospital, where she gives birth to a stillborn son.

Roman questions Jennifer about Nicole's fall.

When Daniel arrives at the hospital, Nicole blames Jennifer for her baby's death and Brady confirms what happened.

Sami and Rafe run into John and Marlena, who are surprised, yet pleased, to find them out on a date.

John and Marlena discuss their happiness, unaware that Stefano is trying to convince Kristen to return to Salem.

Caroline faces her fear of Alzheimer's disease head-on with Bo and Kayla's support.

DVR Alert: Jennifer is arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.

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