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Oct 6 2012, 09:50 AM
Can I just say...."HELLZ YES!" to this shiz. Cause you know this means Brooke and Dollar-mother-f***n Bill are going to have the most scandalicious affair. That would be hot, that would be friggin fabulous to see Brooke vs. Katie. If I'm right, this will be epic. Plus, it is smart for Bell. Cause everyone will want to see Ridge's reaction when he finds out. And - oh no! - Moss quit. Gotta see Ridge's reaction, therefore must re-cast. Oh so sadly.

Brooke's new arch-enemy and the shows new main rivals are Brooke vs. Katie. That's pretty hot. But I'm stoned so probably not. And hey, that rhymed!. But it's still better than the BEST page of MAB's stank ass! Her ass is lucky bitches can't go to jail for creative TREASON. The heifer is a SOAP TERRORIST! I didn't think anything would make me happier than when we took Osama out, well...when Sony and CBS told Maria "How does workin for MOCA full time sound? Well bitch you gon' find out! Security! In the name of Chipmunks and the continual RAPE of Sharon's character, get this hack the hell outta here! And I'll give you a bonus if you hoist this ho up by her ugly shoes and THROW her incompetent ass out the door. Preferably into moving traffic.
Well, you can forget that I have read Brooke and Dr. Meade will have an affair. I don't know if Brooke will be sick and meets the Doctor or what is going on...they meet and they become a couple. LOL!!!
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