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camera shy

You know so far almost everthing we've seen with Nicole at the doctors was about setting things up for her to get away with her scheme to end up blaming Jennifer for her baby's death, but a few things stand out that weren't needed for her scheme to work and I wonder why they were included; Nicole telling the substitute doctor that not finding the baby's heartbeat had happened before with Dr. Knapp because he was positioned in a weird position, everything is going to happen in one day, Nicole gets the news about her baby's death and later that same day she gets into a fight with Jennifer and the baby is delivered so we don't have days and days of the baby not kicking, just a few hours (but maybe even Days thought it was too gruesome to have a mother walking aound with her dead child inside of her for days) and now it looks like dcotors we've never seen before are going to be the ones to deliver Nicole's baby. Since the baby is going to be declared stillborn why not have Daniel or Dr. Knapp be the one to help with the delivery? Is it because they want to put the blame of a baby being proclaimed stillborn when he's not on a bunch of strange doctors we've never seen before? Okay, I just went back and looked at the sneak previews and it looks like Cameron will be the doctor to deliver Nicole's baby, but why give it to a newcomer and why wasn't Maxine chosen to be one of the nurses in the room? Why give this scene over to a bunch of nobodies?
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