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Oct 6 2012, 09:45 PM
Oct 6 2012, 09:43 PM
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Oct 6 2012, 08:33 PM
JFP and JG do not want to make the same mistake MAB made trying to BE Bill Bell and recreate SHICK, that is why they are taking the three of them in new directions.
You don't know that for sure. It's not about copying a writer, it's simply reuniting a couple. For example, if Phick were to reunite I don't think JG would be thinking to himself "oh I want to be Lynn Marie Latham". SHICK is still popular with the fans, haven't been together in seven years, and are still looked at as Y&R soulmates.
and PHICK is still a popular couple with a large and loud fanbase. PHICK can be fixed, SHICK not so much! why would Nick want to be with Sharon after her having sex with not only his baby brother, but his father, a woman that has destroyed the family business, which will effect their children, the woman that burns the Newman Ranch out of spite? Honestly I can not see Nick going there ever really! Like he told Sharon, she is nothing to him but the mother of their kids (still don't think Faith is Nick's btw!)
Phick cannot be fixed, SHICK definitely can. SHICK has such a loud and huge fanbase which deserves to see their couple after seven years of ugly bullshit. And I believe Summer is Jack's
disagree! but that is ok! to me personally, SHICK has sucked ass since 1994! PHICK was a recent screw up by MAB! PHICK have been a couple more recently, and SHICK has not been anything in a few YEARS, and before that they were just doing what they do best - committing adultery!
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