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Oct 6 2012, 09:55 PM
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JM and SC have been promoting Shick for a few weeks now and have both said that Shick belong together. It's a good indication of where things should be headed moving forward ;)

:poof: one appearance on the talk ain't shit! and if it was, why is JM the only one being asked back? oh that is right, SC looked and acted like a primadonna!

like I said, NO SHICK, NO PHICK, you read it here first and I will be here to say "told you so!" :chee:

And the interview with Michael Fairman in which SC said they belong together...add that with the podcast JM did on CBS.com in which he said Shick belong together....add that with the fact that JM has said since 2007 that Shick belong together. And I don't see JM doing The Talk with ole diva bitch MS, do you? :lol:

JM and SC are JUST actors!

what they want and their OPINION of their CHARACTERS don't mean SHIT! LOL

just like when SC says Sharon is a "good girl" or when JM says Nick is a "good guy" oh wait I go with when he says Nick is "a tool" and " he is a better man when paired with Phyllis" and how "I have to bring by A game when working with MS"
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