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camera shy

Oct 7 2012, 10:01 AM
Seriously, Sami and Rafe....AGAIN????? Why oh why? I just don't know how I can stomach this pair....they are so boring!! They could of at least made it not so easy for them to get back together....there was really no build up. Sami went from deciding to make a go at it with EJ to being back together with Rafe? Why are the writers so determined not to give us any sort of "normal" EJAMI relationship. I mean it would of been nice to see them dating and trying to make a go at it longer than one day!! I just feel as an EJAMI fan I am never satisfied, at least EJOLE fans got to see their couple together for a while. If we go back to EJOLE again that will just about do it in for me!
Exactly, why havent' they put ejami together as a real couple? They wrote poor Lucas off the show to see if EJ and Sami would work years ago and instead of following through they brought in Rafe. Tptb seem for whatever reason don't want EJ and Sami together, for real. And like they say, never say never when it comes to soaps so one day they could be a real couple, but even now when Rafe's secrets come out about the baby Galen has already tweeted things that suggest that Safe will be together months from now.
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