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No surprise, AZ brought her A-game once again. I didn't shed a tear though even though I appreciated her performance. It's so different than the last time Nicole miscarried. She's not rootable at all to me in this scenario because of how she lied about the paternity and never intended for EJ to know. Just when I think about feeling an ounce of sympathy for her as she is crying and falls to he floor, she cries out "my little Danny". :rolleyes: Yeah, I got nothing. I'm not connected to the character and her motives, but kudos to Ari. She's definitely got her Emmy reel.

Did someone sit JS down and show him some 2007 EJ clips? These scenes were reminiscent of that time period for me. The way EJ kept constantly touching her, talking to her at close range, and looking like he wanted to drink her in was good stuff. That's the kind of EJami goodness I lapped up back then. AS played it well also. Looking half disgusted and half like she wants him to throw her down right there on the ground and start making out. That's the push/pull dynamic I love.

I am intrigued by what they could potentially be setting up here. EJ did do what he did so that he could "have" Sami. Rafe is doing what he did because he hates EJ, not for anything about or for Sami. In fact, he continues to lie to Sami time and again about the paternity. Add to that the fact that he did tell Carrie the truth, whom he was all about. If "what about me?!" Sami G. finds all that out, her reaction could prove very interesting and maybe not end very well for the :huh1: one. It's Tomlin though and he's clearly painting EJ into the 'darkness' corner so I know how it will ultimately end, which is why I struggle to even care.

These were the only scenes I watched so I won't comment on anything else.
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