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Oct 2 2012, 08:51 AM
This baby story is gruesome, but it does sound very soapy.

So now it's clear why the OB/Gyn was a temporary one. Add in that Nicole delivers a stillborn and I think it's safe to say that her baby is really gone. Ugh. I hate the idea that Nicole is focused on Dan when her baby just died, so hopefully they play it that she's so heartbroken about the baby's death that she basically loses it. I betcha AZ was pumped about playing these upcoming scenes. Heartbreak + crazy rage = Emmy bait.

Man, the reveal of this story could be very big and soapy. I'm thinking a murder trial for Jen with all the truths set to explode during November sweeps. They could have a huge reveal scene that involves all the major players in this story. You have Nicole who has totally lost it after the baby's death, but who is trying desperately to cover up what she did to hang onto Daniel. You have Jen feeling guilty about the baby's death, but also believing that Nicole isn't trustworthy and having strong suspicions that she manipulated Dan into switching the paternity tests. You have Dan who really loves Jen, but is focused on helping Nicole through this trauma and also bonding with her because they continue to cover up Dan's paternity switch. You have Rafe playing the part of the grieving father because he doesn't want Dan to lose his medical license, but feeling guilty about his lie to Sami. You have Sami who believes Rafe's promise about total honesty moving forward, but has EJ in her ear telling her that Rafe is lying to her. And you have EJ who is committed to uncovering the proof about the paternity switch to get revenge on Rafe/Dan/Nicole, as well as to get Sami back. THAT could make for a killer reveal when all the secrets come out.
We have already seen Nicole go crazy after the loss of her child .I can understand her doing so and trying to hang on to the father of the child she lost but to have her used her dead "miracle baby" trying to hang on to Daniel,a man with so few scruples he would seduce a pregnant former patient then tell her he does not want her is adding insult to injury and the most gag inducing storyline I have seen in many many years.I feel absolutely no sympathy for Jennifer who, as has been stated many times on this board,should be mourning the death of the love of her life who died saving their child instead of trying to save a grown man who has a mother and a godfather who are perfectly capable of lending him support.Jennifer is the biggest "B" on screen.I have to force myself to watch any scene she is in which shows or mentions Daniel or Nicole.

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